The #1 Best Home Security Camera Under $100? We Think So.

The #1 Best Home Security Camera Under $100? We Think So.

With home break-ins skyrocketing, here's why this genius new AI device is being called a "must-have for every American (especially homeowners)"...

| Brad M.

1. It's NOT Just A Camera... It's Like Having Your Very Own Private Security Force

This may look like any old security camera...but DefenderAI's powerful new tech leaves competitors in the dust. A customer and IT expert in Silicon Valley said it best: "Tech is my 'thing'. So naturally, I put DefenderAI through the ringer, evaluating it against the top brand name devices. The verdict? Despite being so affordable, DefenderAI gets the job done as well as alternatives that sell for up to $400. Then it goes further with AI Intruder Recognition, IR Night Vision, 360° and 90° Visual Fields, CMOS Phase Detection, and much more. It's like having your very own private security force! Always watching, ready to take action - and trained with all the latest tech. Simply genius."

2. Installs in Under 20 Seconds (Seriously)

DefenderAI is engineered for perfection, down to its amazing "lightbulb" charging method which takes less than 20 seconds to install. Just screw the bulb end of the camera into any socket, tilt the camera angle as desired, and you're done! Seriously. No wires, no screws, no bolts, no stress. As I always tell people, "If you can change a lightbulb, you can secure your ENTIRE home with this". And even if you've got 10 DefenderAI cameras to install, it'll take you 10 minutes tops - and that's counting a casual stroll from one camera to another! Doesn't get better than this.

3. No Hidden Fees. Ever.

Did you know the average home security system costs $2,200 every 3 years? They "get" you with the low upfront cost of around $499. Then they'll tack on $129 for installation, $79 for activation, $99 for accessories, and $39 per month * 36 months, or $1404, for monitoring. Want to cancel? Sure - but it'll cost you an insane early termination fee of up to 75%. This is highway robbery to the tune of $57 billion per year (the Home Security industry in 2022 was bigger than ever). Thankfully, DefenderAI has been developed in a way that requires NO installation fees, NO activation fees, and NO monitoring fees. Just a small fixed fee today, and your home will be protected for years to come.

4. 'Intelligent AI' Detects Threats In Real-Time

DefenderAI can do it all. For starters, it's technology ('Intelligent AI') distinguishes between actual threats and false alarms in Real-Time. If there IS a threat, you'll be notified right away and can call 911. Meanwhile your SD card has been recording everything, intruder's faces and all. Next, you can take control of the situation by activating the high-decibel siren -- it triggers a piercing alarm will scare off an intruder (or uninvited animal) in seconds. Another great use case? Set up DefenderAI with a loved one, even if they're hundreds of miles away, and you can keep a watchful eye by simply checking the mobile app's live video feed. This could very well save a life whether during a break-in, or in case of a fall or other incident where your loved one cannot reach their phone.

5. It's Being Called The "#1 Best Home Security Camera Under $100" (No Surprise Here)

Tac Defense, the makers of DefenderAI, developed their flagship device with an eye for the future. That's why each camera comes standard with AI detection / intruder recognition, up to 65 feet of Infrared Night Vision, HD video, Panorama View, WiFi, a free Mobile App, Advanced Encryption, a Built-in Battery and more! Considering all this, it's no surprise DefenderAI is being called the #1 best home security camera under $100! To celebrate the good news, the team has authorized a special 56% discount that lets you stock up for an incredible $39 per camera! (WARNING: Beware of copycats. Only purchase at the Official DefenderAI site here.)

6. Ships Fast From The USA

The #1 complaint from people who threw away other security devices, and turned to DefenderAI? They were duped. The 'other guys' shipped them a heap of junk from China (and it took up to 2 MONTHS to arrive). And when they went to return it? It was $20+ to ship back overseas. Appalling. The DefenderAI team relies on American workers right here in Tampa, Florida to handle final prep, quality-control and more before delivering to your door in just 3-5 business days on average (free shipping with select packages)

7. Anyone Can Set It Up (Makes for a Great Gift!)

Whether this is your first security camera or your tenth, DefenderAI's smart design makes it simple and easy for anyone that wants to stay safe, without breaking the bank. With a lightning fast 20-second installation and easy app setup, it doesn't matter if you're 22 or 82, you can protect your entire home with DefenderAI! No wonder everyone's stocking up -- not just for their own homes, but it makes for the perfect gift because it's so easy to use. And for an even better experience, when you stock up on DefenderAI today, you'll get FREE shipping, FREE eBooks, and other great bonuses to make your journey as simple as possible!

8. No Middlemen, No Retail Delays, No B.S.

TacDefense is a consumer-first company. This means they've cut out all the middlemen (and their crazy markups) and instead, sell direct-to-consumer through the official DefenderAI website. You see, buying with TacDefense means you get all the latest tech -- shipped direct to your door -- and none of the outdated junk that's been on a retail shelf for 8 months. Because sure, big brands have name recognition, but they'll never move as fast as a tech startup like Tac Defense. So if you want the latest in home security and you don't want to burn your $$$, then pick up a few DefenderAI cameras now (up to 56% off today)!

9. Iron-Clad 100% Money-Back Guarantee

The TacDefense team understands it's not always easy to try something new, especially if other security companies have let you down. That's why they added an iron-clad "DefenderAI Guarantee" that gives you a FULL 60-Days to test it out yourself (and a FULL YEAR GUARANTEE with bigger orders)! If you later decide it's not for you, the team will refund every penny you paid. With such rave reviews from experts and everyday Americans alike, it's no wonder they’re so confident! So if you're ready to jump in, then click the big orange button below to check availability & get started now...